Friday, 27 April 2012

a stronger entry :)

its been long time i left u guys :)
many challenge i've been thru alone.
until it caughted myself.
the experienced maked me learned bout life.
i have to be carefull to make any decision life.
i dun want BANANA FRUIT 2 TIMES !
no men ! avoid it !
memang susa nak face masalah yg bertimbun2 sorang2.
and the hipotesis here is,
semakin aq try tok kuatkan diri semakin aq bersemangat tok hidop :)
sedih ?
tipu la kan lw happy bile da jadi camny.
hari2 tahan sakit sorang2 boleh mati nok !

and now,i am trying to build NEW LIFE :)
hope no more sadness in my mind.
i dun want to cry all nite.
i dun want torture myself.
enough is enough.
eventoh i felt lost the one i love the most,
it maked me more matured :)
1 step closer to success in life.
i wont be afraid like before.
whatever it is,time will decide what and when my future will become more meaningfull :)

i dun want to care whatever their way pay my kindness.
as long im happy now.
no matter what they say,what they do,i wont involve even once.
GOD always be with his patient human :)
wlupon sometimes teringat,aq kuatkan diri :)
so now,im not AINI yang dulu :)
to my friends out there,im back 4 u guys !

Saturday, 11 February 2012

sekembali aku di blog :)

 hey guys !
welcome 2012 !
(lambat sangat update blog)

2011 dah kite tinggalkan.
macam2 kenangan pahit & manis yang da kite lalui. 
and ape yang aq harapkan tahun 2012 ny bg 1001 makne bg aq.
aq harapkan jugak 2012 ny bg full happiness tok aq.
 sebab sekarang ny hidop aq penuh dgn masalah.
masalah je memanjang aq nyh kan.
ape pon xboley.
segale semangat dari rakan2 dan family sdkit sbyk bg aq pluang tok teruskan life ny.
and aq try to pull myself to cheer up and get the happiness back.
aq xbole nak sit in room and keep termenung mcm org mati laki.
(mak yang cakap )
i have to be strong girl.kan?